90th Anniversary

1930 - 2020
Celebration to be postponed to 2021.

PLEASE STAY TUNED for the latest updates on the 

re-opening of our Parish Church.

See Father Westphal's letter to us below.


"Our Families: We pray that today's families may be accompanied with love, respect and guidance."

(Pope Francis, July 2020 intentions.)

"Unsere Familien: Wir beten, dass die heutigen Familien von Liebe, Respekt und Führung begleitet werden."


Road to the Re-Opening of our
Parish Church

Dear Parishioners,

You may have heard that the Quebec government has authorized the reopening of places of worship as of June 22, now permitting public gatherings of up to 50 people.

In addition, we have recently received guidelines from the Archdiocese regarding the steps to take in order to reopen our church in a safe, secure manner.

While the procedures suggested by the Archdiocese will be our guide to re-opening, like all parishes, we face our own challenges and need to adopt our own timeline for welcoming parishioners back, while respecting the guidelines. Be assured that our first priority will be to ensure your personal safety by implementing the necessary health and security measures.

At this stage, we are assessing how to implement the safety guidelines in keeping with the needs, resources and character of our parish.

Please be assured that we will make every effort to keep you informed of our plan of action, using the communications means available to our parish (such as email, telephone, and especially, very expeditiously, via our/this web page:

Adjusting to life under the threat of COVID-19 during these past few months has not been easy for any of us. But despite our physical separation from one another, I remain confident and united to you in spiritual communion. Thank you for your ongoing support and co-operation as we begin our phase of gradual “de-confinement.”

Pfarrer Gerald Westphal


PS. It will be a very cautious and a very slow opening for us at St. Boniface, most probably only at the end of the summer holidays. Again to emphasize: we are very concerned about everyone's safety. The preparations for the opening up of the church doors can be unique for each parish, as we can appreciate, as highlighted per attached letter from Archbishop Christian Lépine.


Happy Canada Day Week!
Always, we thank you for your support!

Please continue with your contributions.

A sincere thank you and utmost gratitude for your contributions that are coming to us by mail, which continue to sustain us.

Thank you.


Food for thought.

Perhaps it is also a good moment to express some thoughts around our magic moment in history at the parish. Since the start of this current year, we had undergone our preliminary planning for the celebration of our 90th Anniversary and we were looking forward to celebrating it together with you. As you already know, for everyone's secured health and safety, we have decided to postpone our celebrations to 2021.

Perhaps we can accept this postponement as a silver lining. It can be perceived as a prolonged time to further reflect on how we can move forward with a renewed mission at Sankt Bonifatius and celebrate with a revived spirit.

1930, from the beginning...

At Sankt Bonifatius we have been standing strong for our 90 years. In our recent publication on this web page, we provided a timeline of the beginning steps in the establishment of this community; whereby a handful of people had a first meeting. One can say that they were the important names at that time for they carried a heavy responsibility, representing the fulfillment of the spiritual needs of many. 

And today, we are the important names, who now need to carry our parish community forward towards our 100 years and beyond. 

Especially today, we need to emulate those same efforts that worked well for those before us. Everyone's input counts towards these efforts, and we wish to welcome these. Especially today, we need to build on everyone's participation within our parish.  It can be the only way to continue forward and to continue with success. 



Congratulatory Letter from Germany on our 90th Anniversary Day of May 18, 2020.

Gratulation das 90jährige Bestehen 18.05.2020, von Deutschland.


Mass Intentions

Our weekly Mass intentions continue to be celebrated by Father Westphal, honouring each individual's memory aloud, within his private daily and Sunday Eucharistic celebrations, until such time as community Sunday Masses can be safely resumed.


Ludwig Kraml (86), April 9th

Johanna Woschitz (93), April 23rd

Theresa Marczona (97), April 26th

Frank Kramer (95), May 5th

Martin Heilmann (87), May 5th

Georg Leisser Sr. (95), May 15th 

Eric Nikischer (45), May 24th

May they Rest in Peace.



TAUFEN: Rufen Sie bitte an zur Vorbereitung.

HOCHZEITEN: Rufen Sie bitte an bevor Sie ein Hochzeitsdatum festlegen.

KRANKENBESUCHE: Rufen Sie bitte an, wenn jemand einen Besuch wünscht, die Krankensalbung oder die Kommunion. 

BEICHTEN: Es besteht immer die Gelegenheit vor der heiligen Messe zu beichten.


BAPTISM: Please call the parish to arrange for preparation.

MARRIAGE: Please call the parish before setting a wedding date.

VISITING the SICK: Please call the parish if a sick family member would like a visit to receive the sacraments of Anointing of the Sick or Communion.

CONFESSION: There is always the opportunity for Confession before Holy Mass.


St Boniface Parish Montréal


Administrator & Pastor
Father Gerald Westphal

SECRETARY: Katie Gufler


Frieda Flisar

Trudis Goldsmith

Tom Kroll

Theresa Schlesak

Tony Schoonen


Church: 3751 Avenue de-l'Hôtel-de-Ville, Montréal, QC H2W 2G4

Mailing Address (Rectory):   St. Boniface Parish, 3760 Avenue de l'Hôtel-de-Ville, Montréal, QC  H2W 2G4   (secretary)  (wardens & 90th anniversary)



Update Your Info / or Comments

Please send us your latest contact information, or perhaps you have some positive input.


Parking Map

We have attempted to highlight, in orange on this map, where there are potential free parking spots for our Sunday Masses. 

We continue to suggest that a good option is to park in front of the meters around us, which are free until 1 pm, or one can purchase a $12 day sticker from the corner store. 

Public Parking Lots: St. Dominque between Pine & Sherbrooke $10 per day. Cherrier & St. Denis $8 on Sundays. ***LAVAL ST & ROY ST are now OPEN for PARKING again.***



Our bulletins  will once again become available when our community Masses can safely resume. 

Please reference the media button  

'Readings/Gospel of the Day', on the banner page (1st page), for some inspirational messages.

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